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I'm an Assistant Professor in the Philosophy Department at Colorado State University.  Before joining the department, I earned my PhD at Princeton University under the supervision of Daniel Garber. I specialize in Early Modern philosophy, philosophy of music and aesthetics, and history and philosophy of science, but I also have interests in philosophy of mind. My research focuses on philosophy of mind and perception in the 17th century, explanatory virtues and scientific theory-building in the Early Modern period, and musical perception. For more details on my current work, see my research page.

I received my BA with a concentration in philosophy  from Johns Hopkins University and my BM in cello performance from the Peabody Conservatory. Prior to my return to philosophy, I taught cello and worked as a freelance musician. I continue to play cello in various ensembles, including my band Bitter Bloom. When I'm not doing philosophy or playing cello, I like to cook and climb large rocks.

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